Love Shanghai Adsense institute about on line our expectations are not too high

in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge overflows today, website optimization courses and training numerous, love Shanghai webmaster college on-line courses, not necessarily is the so-called dry cargo. More likely is the basic knowledge we are familiar with, do the Shanghai dragon is the most important experience and resources. So in the course of the gold content we do not have high expectations, individuals that reference is relatively large. In addition, if these courses are completely free, so everyone can see, estimate its significance is more limited. Not all the owners see the tutorial or become master Daniel, like Shanghai for it is hard to go on.

compared with the previous years, this love Shanghai really improve a lot of webmaster tools, there are those more official tools, indeed we do optimization will be more physical laws. But love Shanghai’s main source of profit in bidding, now Shanghai Longfeng industry has gradually become mature, more and more people to join the industry. Therefore love Shanghai have to pay attention to the new industry, in fact, love relationship Shanghai and Shanghai dragon industry is very subtle, on the one hand can not completely suppress, on the other hand also limit.

long love sea without Google open, of course, we are concerned about the website optimization is the official document. Although love Shanghai official also launched several versions of the document optimization, but speak generally is far not enough, almost all the people in the industry hope love Shanghai to launch more detailed site guidance document. Can the truth of love in this regard Shanghai impossible without reservation, otherwise the bid will be seriously affected Shanghai love. Earlier attitude to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon we are very clear, can not be said to be a complete boycott of Shanghai dragon, at least not to support the Shanghai dragon.

love Shanghai needs more webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, of course love can be said that Shanghai is our God, if there is no love Shanghai and Google, so many people are unemployed. But now there are small and medium-sized enterprises according to the requirement of 360 station search optimization of the site, as long as the search habits, then Shanghai dragon industry will not die. Shanghai love move is undoubtedly good for us, but we have to put in your mind. This paper consists of computer Chinese (贵族宝贝dnzg.c>


news December 20th, love Shanghai coming on-line a new channel: webmaster college, know the current course of love Shanghai working principle, content construction, website construction, website optimization, after the estimate will have more online courses. This news immediately aroused widespread concern in the webmaster, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, the long-awaited love Shanghai official tutorial came out. Does this mean that after we do optimization "reasonable", nearly two years of love Shanghai optimization has become more and more difficult for a consensus. Love Shanghai webmaster Academy’s on-line will be our last straw, no matter what others say, my personal feeling is unlikely.