Love Shanghai upgrade from promotion to love Shanghai



also has a subtle love is characterized by Shanghai search second pages related search words, this is the Shanghai system to test the use of love. Of course, this is done in order to improve the user experience. How users love it will continue to exist. The article by 贵族宝贝daizhang8贵族宝贝 and


should see a reaction to love Shanghai is not difficult to see the effect of 360 search. Any search engine can not fall in love with the main position of the dispatched hymo, even if there is effect should pay attention to it. The recent love Shanghai has appeared some new changes, the original love Shanghai "promotion" word into "love Shanghai" and "Shanghai love promotion link". Maybe we look like two words into four words, in fact, this is another upgrade love Shanghai search system, it will be more formal love Shanghai promotion service. Love Shanghai extension service has become "the most beautiful voice". This is mainly for the convenience of love Shanghai to launch their own products and services.


love Shanghai promotion update from "promotion" to "love Shanghai". With the launch of 360 search service, on-line as soon as it quickly became the second largest search engine, occupy 10% of the market share. Although the impact has little effect on the love of Shanghai, but after all it is launched a new search engine, new product launch can quickly occupy 10% of the market share is certainly has its reasons. Regardless of its cause, we can see the love in Shanghai have what reaction you will know its influence. Not long after that, love Shanghai will search engine upgrade, eliminate poor quality serious fake website. Specific performance for the 6.22 and 6.28 events, the two time after the incident has led to many domestic websites are fengsha, many webmaster to psychological unpleasant, the fan love Shanghai alliance, with you can take a look at this article "the talk recently webmaster fan love of Shanghai League malicious click". Love Shanghai reasons to implement both of these cases, the most important thing in order to improve the quality of website, website content provided the best quality for the user, is convenient for users to search, users use more love love Shanghai search engine service.