Link to a website optimization dilemma breakthrough green light

although the link is not a panacea, but no link is absolutely not. Facts have proved that all, some website ranking slightly better, even thousands of thousands of links is not what strange things. Because the link is the search path of the spider crawling, keyword anchor text links a wide variety, can effectively help the search engine keyword recognition. Deified long blog, than the real purpose is to get the link? So, steadily building external links, website optimization and network marketing is indispensable important work. Of course, the importance of the content of the site is also in doubt, although difficult to have the contents of the original solution, perhaps the conception is not new, is not wonderful, just write a core idea, comply with the rules of grammar, the article can be the one and only. The author thinks that, compared to the content of the original link building to a lot of difficulties, some have good effect of links, are now no longer work.

, friendship exchange links weights quite the same type, site, is an ideal way to improve site weight. Unfortunately, a website can exchange links to a limited number, more than a given amount (usually around 30), it is easy to be regarded as link factories suffered search engine punishment right down. And the so-called exchange links in link and transfer the weight at the same time, the site also need to export their weight. A limited number of Links is the fatal mishap, in front of tens of thousands of links, dozens of links is not worth mentioning. Analysis of some ranking web site will find that part of the site is not Links, this is not due to suck the Links?

years ago, the Forum blog as a relatively effective way to link building, is the webmaster tested, many websites are therefore able to quickly improve website ranking. But the situation is changed, the change from two aspects. It is a search engine, blog and forum link to weight was lower, in a sense blog forum is more symbolic links, rely on the blog forum to enhance the website weight, only to win; second is the forum or blog itself, I know is NetEase blog, Sina blog, Phoenix Bo Shanghai daily and love space, have regular clean up illegal blog. Shanghai has long been regarded as the Dragon Er link paradise Donews writing community, recently issued a statement, it is strictly prohibited to optimize, advertising for the purpose of publishing articles. A5 in Shanghai Longfeng original section even has been relatively loose, stop the keywords anchor text links.

two, friendship exchange quantity

three video sites, the risk is too big

, a blog forum repeatedly banned

is engaged in website construction and the network marketing, not free attention to peer website, a lot of friends in order to link is mustering the effort, through the video website construction is a link. The site of several long-term observation of the author, within a month the number of links.

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