WeChat eventually put the hand of business charges

in fact, WeChat mobile phone users to promote the business of broadband and data services to bring positive effects on operators and industry chain. WeChat now has more than 300000000 users, there are 40 million users of the overseas market, according to Tencent, Liu Chiping believes that the rest of this business whether the charges are also discussed, but there is not a nation of users to pay for the traffic and service.

then WeChat not to charge users, to whom fees? Yes, businesses, WeChat do is a platform that is taking the Taobao platform line, only charge for businesses, and for users of the free policy, they insist on exploration mode, WeChat road is now walking platform see a profit model best. WeChat is not going to do for the user fees, because once the user fees, I can see the WeChat only appeal will be lost, will inevitably lead to the user’s activity declined sharply, WeChat will appear the stagnation. I have heard more than once seen many Internet on WeChat charges to stop the use of speech.

(1) WeChat users due to its rapid accumulation provides part replace SMS and voice calls, in the face of domestic high communication costs, users opted to replace the WeChat foundation, business operators received a serious blow.

(2) according to China Mobile, WeChat has occupied 60% of the resources in mobile signaling, but only brings mobile data traffic 10%. The signaling channel is equivalent to the emergency Lane on the highway, when WeChat occupied multi signaling channel in the network, the network overload and will increase the risk of paralysis.

WeChat strong posture can be explained very well, but for operators, it is not acceptable. Operators of the three WeChat hate:

(3) in the operator’s eyes, the user with the cheaper price enjoy advanced services is not very reasonable, is must let the user pay for operators. After all operators or chiefs themselves, think that the enjoyment of all it services, are.

came from the beginning of the WeChat great in strength and impetus to the advent of the voice of the charge carriers, against WeChat, the beginning of the micro channel to deal with silence now wherever there is a saying: WeChat does not charge users. It seems like this is the outcome of many people began to predict, operators also have stepped up pressure.

, WeChat and WeChat are toll operators intense game and other topics, we had a lively, each one sticks to his own viewpoint, but also leads to a lot of ideas. The WeChat charges events, from the beginning of the people in promoting. A letter with the international standards has been a lot of people, WeChat didn’t want to charge users, as the Internet giant, aware of human nature: free charge, abandon, unless it is bundled with the value, otherwise it will only go to the death toll, vigorous music fee is an obvious example.