What about promoting the website optimization effect

now Shanghai Longfeng customers to optimize the website template in the selection, the website module emphasis on many of the more beautiful picture. The picture is much, certainly will have a bad place for website optimization, but how can these adverse effects to a minimum? Very simple, use the alt attribute on pictures. Through proper description of the picture, the contents of the site optimization is placed in the picture, so the search engine is able to crawl to the picture information. If you set a picture deep search preferences, it may be displayed in the search engine’s picture page, when a user searches related to your product image, the corresponding URL is our website optimization. This effect to the site to bring traffic but can not be overlooked.

Although the original

third, make full use of the alt attribute, the value of the website pictures play.


to search engine spiders more opportunities to grab our website.

second, give full play to the original high quality content value.

web content has been advocated by the Shanghai dragon industry, but in the original content at the same time, please don’t take the quality of the website seriously. Along with the search engine to collect the content on the website constantly suppressed, webmasters are beginning to realize the importance of website content. Now, many websites are original, but a detailed look at the website content was found, the only original content, and the quality can be ignored. Why? Website information about the product is irrelevant, the news content of the site is a statement impassability, a misnomer, this website even if the contents of the original again have what meaning? So, in order to improve the website optimization effect, the high quality of the original article is a must. Please be sure to remember is high quality content, website content from low quality, the search engine will be on your site to hand out love.

has a high quality content, how should we do? Certainly not the snow, but to a good platform to play their value. For example, we can put the A5 in the resource platform for such a high weight on. This placement can bring good article reprint rate, so as to exert the value. Of course, we are Shanghai dragon article, so the article uses website address or basic information website is very necessary, otherwise the value is greatly reduced. What kind of article reprint rate is relatively high? Is certainly controversial topic, the topic and content combined skillfully, this article does not let others reproduced.

first, the content of the website to create high quality, original.

is engaged in the site optimization of Shanghai dragon er who want the site effect can be maximized, but how to achieve it? Today let Xiaobian I to share some tips on the site optimization to you, I believe you will be helpful to the website optimization.