The original article with long tail keywords application let your website traffic soaring

1) write their own: if you are one of your website experts, and write a good article, then you can choose to write their own articles, this method is not uncommon in the entire network! Want to know the search engine is a very high quality original articles of love.

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original article skills

2) integration network article: I used this method, has the advantages of high user experience, search engine is also very love. Such as "cold jokes 50" this article, collecting jokes from the network, and then select the 50 best documented, the search engine friendly for users can also through the 1 article will see 50 of the best joke.


2) how to find the long tail keywords conform to the user habits, this is actually very simple. You directly in the search engine search bar enter the core keywords, such as a joke. The drop-down menu will appear, such as selection of English jokes joke… And then you click on the search, at the bottom of the page will appear to the long tail keywords.

long tail keywords:

I do stand 4 years, due to funding problems, always do the station, has been selling station, has been doing new. So, to the new optimization experience relatively more. For the love of Shanghai, the new station to get good rankings quickly the core keyword is almost impossible, not 1 years, you have more than half a year! So want to get love from Shanghai search engine traffic in a short time, you can only rely on the original and the long tail keywords.

3) in the long tail keywords embedded is a wisdom live, is the first title in the inside of the embedding, the most simple techniques is not to destroy the order of long tail keywords when adding non long tail keywords content, also best not to be separated from them. Secondly, in the best natural appearance of the long tail keywords 1-3. Furthermore, in the choice of long tail keywords, don’t choose too hot. Finally, to remind you that we don’t have to edit the entire article for long tail keywords wide of the mark.

1) to do the long tail keywords embedded title and content of the article, we first need to figure out what is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords is actually composed of two or more words and phrases synthesis, user input to find relevant content often in search phrases or sentences.

3) to modify the network article: This is my commonly used gimmick, in fact many articles on the network is a very good idea, but some arts is not clear, or not streamlined and other problems, I will take a little time to modify an original article quality is available.