Web site optimization process how to stack keywords


what is the title? Is in a H1 tag title, H1 tags still exist, again highlighted keywords. It is worth noting that the H1 tag is best used before H2-H6, and a page only once, do not always use. We are not an effective pile plug.


1, Title


The content of

Meta tags in the keywords and description also need to add a keyword, for description and Title as described at the same time, the influence of the show in front of the user, whether it is in perfect correlation or the website’s core content summary is supplementary to the title, and the keywords label although the effects are not as good as before, but there is no better than usual, is also convenient to do statistics.

2, Meta


The so-called

, is not willing to play ball, but not the use of black hat techniques, but it can be an effective long-term to get ranked keywords, and do not harm the search engine, do not hurt the user experience, but also can be said to be friendly to search engine and user. Then how to effectively on the website "stuffing" keyword

website is a website optimization Website optimization work throughout the core, including the content, chain, chain, user experience should be launched around this keyword. A keyword repetition on the web is certainly need to get ranked, repetition is to highlight the word, to improve the relevance, which is why many webmaster before a large number of stack keywords to get ranking. But the search engine algorithm in the upgrade, in intelligence, also like before stack keywords is tantamount to Dutch act, I would say the effective stack keywords certainly not before.


3, the contents of the title

body is sure to appear keywords, this text is not much, and the title, Meta content, H1 label, what are ready, the content does not appear keywords is certainly weaken the keyword relevance even a tragedy wide of the mark. Fortunately, basically all the webmaster can let the keywords in the text, but often here instead of a stack keywords gold zone, Shanghai Longfeng wood that requires only a reasonable text keywords which appear at the right time and.

Need to put keywords in the

header, which is known to everyone, not only can directly affect the keywords ranking, but related to the search engine results page title hits. The title search engine is very important in many places, it largely determines the relevance of web pages, so here to join keywords is essential, but not just join in the title this keyword stuffing.