You will learn five strokes of Links quality

analysis of weight

a link to

related content. The weight of .

five. The other site snapshot and PR

Links way can be divided into two categories, namely tilisoft and one-way links, one Links refers to both web site links to each other, and the other is one-way links to sites have links to our website, but we do not have, in effect, is certainly the good effect of one-way links.

mentioned the problem in the above, the search engine more and more emphasis on the relationship between the external links, here is the relevance of content, now most of the webmaster in the choice of Links will focus on the most weight, love to A5, the portal high weight website Links, of course, choose Links when considering the other site that weight is not wrong, but if you can also pay attention to the relevance of content, it will be able to play the effect of a tiger with wings added.




PR and snapshot information is an important basis for site analysis we usually is good, PR is mainly for Google.

this is a very good understanding of the principle, we simply call it " ", its principle; cake; meaning as if the cake more people, each person to the amount will be reduced, this phenomenon also exists for Links it, and only if the other we do Links, effects can be considered the best, and if the other party to the outbound links too much, we get the weight of perhaps only one tenth of the. So, the number of other web site outbound links will directly affect the quality of Links.

is " if vulgar; position " of the website in the search engine; and this is why some website ranking high and low ranking cause some sites, because of the weight of each site is different, the weight of the high ranking natural high, the overall objective of Shanghai dragon is to improve the web site in the search engine in weight, it is summarized the higher the weight of search engine more trust, and if the weight of high standing search engine trust website and we do exchange links, the effect is no doubt.

analysis of export link number

everyone in the Shanghai dragon operation all know " the chain for the emperor " truth, but 4 simple words simply show that the chain for the importance of the website rankings, there are many details still worth us to pay attention to in practice, constantly updated from the search engine algorithm. The lack of content relevance of the chain and the chain type forum signature has gradually faded, the search engine more and more and pay attention to the high quality of the external links, and Links is a kind of high quality of the chain type, today I will talk about how to judge the quality of the Links.