Don’t be a high index keywords human brush trick

every day will find some strange and interesting phenomenon, which is one of the Shanghai dragon do fun. Keywords monitoring rankings is many webmaster will do every day, I saw yesterday traffic data in the background, was found to have a word with the ranking, with tools and love Shanghai index search search index, find love Shanghai index of nearly 200, the result of love and stand up for 0 horses. Only love Shanghai check index, the author also intended to be the word of a push to love Shanghai ranked first. Then using other tools after the query, found some wrong. The following figure is love Shanghai index chart. From the data we can see that in recent days, the search volume soared. The webmaster in optimize keywords, users must choose search index of high word, rather than artificially brush words, brush words even if the search index is high enough, the flow is scanty. Push is a waste of energy.

Sometimes the


keyword search index of thousands, you do it to love the first page of Shanghai’s top 5, that bring the flow of dozens of. Under normal circumstances, this result is very doubtful. If there are tens of thousands of users search has not only ranked fifth, the harvest a few ip. The data from this analysis can guess this keyword is likely to be one brush. You may be especially excited to discover how cattle words do go up, a look at the data it collapsed, there was a feeling, it is very necessary to do so more data analysis.

keyword query results of different

A variety of tools,

is in front of the webmaster do keywords said artificial words, actually in the search engine and an artificial word, simply no words, this word often, search volume index is very high, but also has a certain commercial value.

love Shanghai index is the most accurate tool, it is accurate, but may also blind people’s eyes. From the statistical graph curve can see the changes of the word. Combined with the actual situation, such as the winter people search for weight loss is not much, but if the word index is definitely a problem.. The use of other tools after the query results are inconsistent, can determine the word for word manual brush.

after love station and bole tools query results is actually 0, too was cheating.

now some keywords are professional brush, you may put an index for the 800 word is ranked first, and found that only dozens of love Shanghai traffic, it is very likely to be artificial brush words. But now there are many specialized words brush tool, how to identify a word is artificial word? The only from the data analysis. According to some experience and knowledge of their own, they were told several words after the phenomenon of brush.


two, ranking and love is not the actual flow of Shanghai