As a Shanghai dragon we must have the core quality of personnel

killer I want to borrow this martial arts in the word to explain himself to the optimization of the understanding actually means to do in some areas than others do better than its competitors, the level of website optimization is divided into optimization of the station outside the station, which is the content of your source of station Square? Whether the article is the most professional? Whether it is worth reading for users? Whether the user is valuable in these aspects? Whether you use any way you want to have their own ideas, to be more than your competitors. Secondly, the chain, such as many competitors have done a lot of one-way connections, Links, but what is the core strengths and their own good, soft, well if good at this on the one hand you promise to write a soft text every day, or a week to write an article, this according to their ability to believe, the chain must believe in the days and months multiplying on no less than your opponent. Even if you can’t write soft, well you hard "

Shanghai dragon is a very competitive industry, changing the search engine algorithm, to optimize the process, this is not immutable and frozen is sure everyone has experience, so it is imperative to study the charging time. To optimize the work process we will be ready to face the changes of love Shanghai algorithm, sometimes is a big change, sometimes it is particularly important to small fine-tuning this time to keep calm state of mind, the author thinks that his calm face myself, myself honest about their attitude, their ranking dropped, the snapshot problem, ask yourself what there is no cheating, do some search engine operation to reach some edge of the bottom line. If there is no well observed in the industry peers or other friends, all similar problems may be search algorithm changes, this time don’t worry calm in the face of the current situation, look at the search engines to improve what aspects of the audit efforts, we do everything possible to adjust itself to adapt to changes in search engine in dealing with the problem of the time, I think we should keep calm and don’t be scared in a nutshell is difficult, in disarray. Secondly, we should analyze the behavior for their own problems, we must find ways to adjust, more exchanges and more interactive, find the problem and solved one by one, one by one, this is very important.

first, learn to maintain stable and calm state of mind with a positive attitude to work.

This is the

second, website optimization must have their own killer.

as everyone knows, Shanghai dragon search engine optimization with the current development of the electronic commerce network marketing its market position and value has become more and more important, the market competition will undoubtedly increase the Shanghai dragon Er requirements of their own quality to a new level, it is a worker which practitioners Shanghai Longfeng technology and non Technology level quality our days after development? The author takes a Shanghai dragon the identity of the practitioners to share a good eye the Shanghai Dragon Staff and all must have the quality which contains valuable notes together with everybody, hope.