Analysis of optimization techniques the main keywords has been located in Shanghai second pages of m


first, website optimization may be suspected of excessive optimization. The author of the site to do the word is confidential, another main product has been located in Shanghai keywords secret love home first, first released on our website were analyzed together, why optimization excessive suspicion? Is the main site outside the chain before here, for this site collection is now included in 188 has risen to 258. The station, that the quality is no problem, before the chain this is after more than 800 now love Shanghai recently updated to reach more than 1500 in the chain, the chain has nearly doubled, this is I believe that doubt the greatest place, the chain operation in addition to the soft Wen contribute, to some webmaster forum released a lot of relevant the article on the Shanghai dragon, to review here is that although the chain number increase, webmaster on distance between what is required may love Shanghai Far away, and in a short time the chain growth rate too fast, your site itself weight is not high, so the growth mode of short time outside the chain of love that Shanghai optimization cheating is inevitable.

second, website update speed is very irregular. The author of this site resides time unlike their Lantian jade network has a domain name registration time of 3 years, can be said in the stable situation, even for a long time not update the content, strong chain and content quality, also can let your site firmly love Shanghai ranked the first home, but after three months on the line, the author of this site every day a stable update, 2 months after the ranking stability in the home, this time I will be as old station to update the article, reduce the frequency, even very irregular, such results led to the operation site before the good impression of Shanghai love has been lost, there is a deceive love Shanghai suspects, love Shanghai to your ranking, but you don’t work hard, the key reason is the love for Shanghai website right down.

is well known, our website optimization objectives are very clear, on the first page of Shanghai love every optimization personnel in the pursuit of things, but the reality is far from the imagination, the process of Web site optimization there are many unstable factors in every one of us is the optimization are difficult to predict, I recently a site has been located in Shanghai love second pages today than to use this station to share with you, I think your website in a few reasons to love Shanghai second pages.

third, the release of the chain has drawbacks. The first point is that the chain growth rate, the third main analysis of the chain release, after the site is down right, in order to improve the correlation between the chain, the chain related domain almost issued are confidential these two words, this operation can improve the spider to determine the chain is no problem however, wantonly release this chain, love Shanghai right down to eleven is inevitable, I now have been eleven main keywords in the second page twelve wandering, now use eleven of this holiday, the chain may stop for a period of time, look at the sea for review and change the situation in the website.