Case analysis the station anchor text links using rules

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note two: anchor text link words to the diversification of

before writing this share the contact of a corporate website (specific name for the secret is not convenient to disclose), the current site has love Shanghai search engine drop right, of course, this website we accept it, accept the website after a detailed diagnosis of Shanghai dragon website, one of the reasons right down: excessive use of anchor text within the site link and link related content. Here the author according to their own experience to help explain more friends.

note three: the anchor text link remember deliberately add link

note four: website content outbound links number

The number of links to the The anchor text link

to the customer site in the analysis of such a problem, do not use the corresponding page keywords website keywords links the content, we mentioned content relevance link on the site layout process, this is related with the anchor text links page, for example, such as the website link anchor text is "Shanghai dragon" linked pages should be about why Shanghai dragon introduced above to do so, because the terms for search engine and user click on your link is to understand the words are described in detail, we can refer to the wiki system links, each link is open to the words to describe.

web page content is derived through analysis and observation (see links to Wikipedia content are) not many movies, but for the enterprise website content is not too much of the case suggests that the number of pages outbound links the best control in about 5 (500-800 words left and right content), after all the content of the website is not strong enough, can not be established strong network.

note five: anchor text link remember all chain to the home page of

this website also has this problem, the customer before use sitelinks all >

optimized website, we try to use the link, and the core keywords optimization of Related words such as: Shanghai Longfeng introduction page, not only may Shanghai dragon as the core keywords to link link to the page, should use "Shanghai Dragon Technology", "Shanghai dragon concept" keywords as the anchor text links to, this can avoid the web site search engine optimization excessive processing.

we edit website content optimization is often considered keyword density, density should be controlled in the range of the number of appropriate site keywords in what position is good and so on, for the anchor text link station we feel do not deliberately to add anchor text; for example, in the beginning and ending of many deliberately added keywords, keyword position above the middle of the post show less or no, we can not simply edit the content for the user to optimize and update the content.

note: the anchor text link content and links to related page