Analysis enterprise website optimization of high quality articles in the process of writing points

second, will be around the theme choosing materials meet the demand after the theme. We know that the user needs is to understand the potential search Seekon company image, of course, the main content of the article is aimed at the general situation of the company, address, contact details, main products and so on to carry out, how much money the user search Seekon power? No doubt this client is a potential customer, should already know the general information of our company now. The main products of our products around the consultation, elaborated the product function, use, price and so on all customers and introduce in detail, these are very to meet the needs of users, this article and its value is also very popular search engine. The key is the collection of material and grasp, the author thinks that we can through the company’s successful case, honor, the development of the company scale, time of establishment, introduce Sikorsky, overall brand strength for everyone in the company, the broad class of writing material collection, we must focus on the role of specific companies in the industry according to the company, or to honor the case, strengthen brand awareness and deepen customer awareness of our company for approval. The product writing, mainly in the market price positioning function of products and products, our unique strengths, deep into the hearts of the user details a penny goods, allowing users to understand why we are this price, we can bring what special services for users, allows users to truly choose us the product, which is the transformation of product writing key >

first, we collected subjects. We know that the article writing, like positioning website construction after the same, select both the article page title is thinking of the title of the website is a reason, after all embody the website or the theme of the article, the only clear to writing direction and theme, will be around the theme to broaden the idea of writing. I generally find the theme of writing is the direction of view love Shanghai drop-down box, check the cnzz background user favorite search keywords into the demand, such as your company xki Electronic Information Technology Co. Ltd., found that users search company name and product words more in the background of the author, there is a common xki electronic, Shaanxi Seekon Electronic Information Technology Co. how much is the power supply company, CK? CK mobile phone shielding bag and so on, to understand these requirements, the author Choose a theme of writing, from the point of view of the article, this is the author to introduce second points, collection of writing material.

as everyone knows, the website optimization process of the original article writing in any industry can not avoid any Shanghai dragon ER in the optimization of the website of love Shanghai algorithm upgrade for the user experience requirements increase the original article is to improve the quality of website content, enhance the user experience one of the key link, as a webmaster we should the details of what to do original articles written work? Well, we continued to enter today’s short gossip topic, writing high quality articles in the process of website optimization analysis.