Several optimization techniques of mobile era mobile phone website

third, the design details of the main optimization. For the mobile phone website, also can not be lack of keywords and description and title, also known as KDT. If the KDT design is not good, will not only affect the user experience of reading, but also makes the related search engine is difficult to grasp your mobile phone site, which is not easy to grasp. If the mobile phone website and PC website can form the transfer, then it will bring serious negative impact on the site, because the content will be like Shanghai that is cheating, and will affect your site’s ranking PC end, and will be punished. So the design of DKT should pay attention to in accordance with the design of PC end of the site, to prevent the keywords stack problem. Let the keywords natural settings, and implanted in the title, keywords, all need to pay attention to a natural attribute. Of course, in the mobile phone website, will also appear dead links, so the mobile phone website also to do the 404 and 403 page design, so as to prevent.

second, the content of the website construction. Of course, as a website, if there is not enough content, naturally difficult to produce attractive. After all the other people to your website is not to see your design, but hope to obtain the corresponding help by reading the relevant content. So for the mobile phone website, and you have to set up a site with a relevant content. Especially the business type mobile phone website and more so. Do not be able to choose those and your website keywords have no relevance to the content, such as mobile phone sales of home appliances enterprise website, content is a lot of beautiful photos or entertainment related news, so the content obviously will not let your site points, and even make a lot of users.

in fact with the development of mobile Internet, mobile phone website importance is growing significantly, mobile phone website if you want to enhance the reading experience, enhance the influence of the site, it is very important to optimize the natural science. The following is to optimize the site focus on techniques for mobile phone.

with the development of mobile Internet, mobile phone website began to play an important role in PC, we know that the Internet side, many webmaster friends will focus on the optimization of the site work. But in the mobile terminal, many webmaster is not related to the degree of concern, of course, here there may be many webmaster for website optimization and mobile phone terminal is not very clear, there is no relevant optimization direction, naturally on the implementation of selective neglect.

first, clean the web page. Because web browsing on a mobile phone terminal, the limited screen size, often words will not be great, if the site has a lot of mixed content, will greatly affect the user’s browsing experience. Especially some mobile phone website also has designed some pop, and pop, will occupy a large space on the screen, this design is clearly is not science. For the mobile phone website, in addition to a decorative design, should be a pure content, so the user will look very clean, so as to enhance the reading and browsing desire.