Shanghai Longfeng Optimization Web site ranking has no real reason

also said the server is the foundation of good website, the website optimization basis we will do. Even if the website based in Shanghai Longfeng work are very ignorant, not to mention a ranking, these foundations are including the site nofollow properties are correct, robots.txt writing is correct, the site did a 301 redirect and 404 error page, the site map sitemap is submitted to love in Shanghai and so on.

layout stage on the site early site there are a number of core keywords, the result is the main website optimization is decentralization, the keyword density will decline, will also have a competition between the core keywords, causing the site to post ranking is not ideal. If you want to do more core keywords, don’t be afraid of wasting money, you can build multiple sites, each of these core keywords and website. This will not occur the phenomenon of internal competition and decentralization.

three, positioning too widely


server, its stability is poor, which is the basis for a good website ranking. Some enterprises or individuals in order to save costs, buy low quality server, cause the speed of server is very poor, a long time to open the page. From the user’s perspective, the user will have very poor experience, eighty percent of users encounter this kind of situation will be the first time to leave the site. This result is the site of the bounce rate is very high. From the perspective of search engine, search engine included a website is required for indexing, search engine in the index when the site is difficult to enter, it will give up, so there will be no index included, not included no mention ranking.


I believe that many owners will encounter this problem, how to optimize the site for a long time does not rank, although insisted every day the chain, write original articles, but has no effect on the website ranking. In view of this situation, sometimes at a loss, at this time, may be due to the following reasons.

just engaged in Shanghai dragon friends may not be aware that the new site of Shanghai love there will be a review cycle, the audit cycle is the core keywords and website competition associated. The higher the degree of competition in the review cycle is long. The number of words related to below 5 million, the review cycle in 1 to 2 months, the period of 5 million to 10 million the number of relevant results is probably more than 3 months. So when we give the new site location of the core keywords, to conduct in-depth analysis, if this product keywords to do the regional needs, such as cleaning company, decoration company, try to add names in the keywords, such benefits can not only reduce.

four, core keywords competition degree is high, causing the site of long period

, a server quality problemThere’s a problem with the quality of the

two, do website based in Shanghai dragon