Shanghai dragon Feifei on imitation brand strategy and operation of Shanghai Longfeng trade website


common chain sprocket strategy is the strategy, station group strategy, blog sprocket, many companies raised hundreds of thousands of special resource station outside the chain and raised for several years, this website weight is very high, if you want to quickly improve your weight if the premise can buy some links later can use the blog to do outside the chain, this is also a time and energy saving scheme, more than I would simply talk about the common strategy of imitation brand of foreign trade website you have what problems can consult me qq:95277665, I will try to answer.

recently many Putian friends often ask me how to do foreign trade imitation brand website optimization, how to do strategy, what is the solution to let me into the competitors and other issues, I simply explain the strategy and operation of large foreign trade website


first to position myself to do what, because the Putian shoe factory so many sources is not a problem, most people are doing foreign trade imitation Nike, Adidas shoes in the market, that if you just started to grab a piece of the main keywords that certainly don’t grab but people have to do the team for many years, if you really want to to do that we can choose to do some long tail word such as brand + shoes series, 2011nike new combination

3, Shanghai Dragon

to do this a lot of imitation brand Shanghai dragon is Shanghai dragon master, general station optimization is very good, if there is no technology do not know how to do in the station optimization, the optimization of the station can be copied, you see how do you master, learn how to do this, the station optimization is visible to touch with the same conditions, the same people, the same product of your site how to break out? This is the foreign friends want to know, here is to say under the Shanghai dragon strategy, Google in order to avoid competition, so that the chain resources of the shield is hidden, only yourself in the Google management tools in the background can be seen outside the chain, all of this is very important, so we do foreign trade Google Shanghai dragon strategy, a good strategy is equivalent to a good direction, Good direction to walk will succeed.

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imitation brand this website more fierce competition, your keywords to the home page every few days if no maintenance or server cannot access the competitors is likely to be thrown into the back pages, a lot of space is forbidden to do the imitation brand website, so choose a stable space should not be closed do

1, product positioning

, 2 space