Some of the confusion in the analysis of Shanghai dragon in

5, forum promotion. A lot of the chain are posted in the forums, but many forums blocked external links; personal signature is good, but need to score and grade. The chain in the forum, it is very difficult, and the survival rate of post is a big problem. (PS: at least the forum is to promote a method, good speed, so every day to promote a few times together down, weight is also very good Oh!)


off time Shanghai dragon industry discovered magical news, an expert of Shanghai dragon in a couple of months to do the first. This period has been in practice some skills of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon tried a lot of method, but not one, in a short period of time will be the first Shanghai dragon. Of course, I can only slowly, otherwise ranking rise too fast is not a good thing ah. Here are some of the confusion of a webmaster met in Shanghai Longfeng work, in fact, think carefully, who do not have a confused? I see how to resolve these puzzles

3, the promotion of soft paper. Try to write their own soft Wen, estimate, released a soft Wen reproduced with links is only a few good words, only more than 10. (PS: personal opinion, soft Wen promotion is the construction of the chain method, the most effective survival rate is high, the website weight is high. Although only a few to a dozen, but the Shanghai dragon effect is really very good!)

4, black chain technology. There are many websites on hand, so do the black chain on their website, but the effect is not obvious. (PS: this year black chain technology is very rampant, but the spider to have more and more recognition of the black chain; the black chain is again good, or do not have their own website content construction, less hanging is wonderful!)

2, is included. Included is the first step of our website weight lifting, but the first step beats me. Every day busy writing articles, pseudo original, indescribably tired. Even if writing are original, but also to a love of spiders in Shanghai does not release, but others reproduced included, the chain didn’t leave me a. (PS: the content of the construction of the user experience is the most basic way, then tell us the webmaster friends, no matter how tired, good content your site closed. Collect too much garbage article in the end is not the search engine users will not abandon you, like you.


6, the blog promotion. The group built many blogs, reprinted articles, each article with a few links, a few days many blogs were shut down illegal. Even if not being closed, it is also a big problem, is a real torment. (PS: Hangzhou Shanghai dragon proposed a blog not too much, too busy.

1, the website internal optimization. You know the internal web site optimization is very important, so will do, but within a few weeks not what effect in general. (optimization of internal general PS: Shanghai dragon is a one-time fix, unless there is a major problem will be updated later. And it is not the optimization effect, the girls love Shanghai, sometimes the reaction is very slow!)