Love Shanghai graphic website search results out of high quality article traffic explosion

of course, I do not know the emergence of graphic results of specific algorithm is what kind of, also cannot determine what kind of conditions of the site will appear. According to the analysis of some cases, each big portal station seems to have been part of the graphic display. The emergence of graphic method, natural high quality content. "What is the meaning of Green Tea bitch" this article is original, you can see the specific analysis of some traces, here not much said, in order to avoid misleading.

What is the meaning of

Green Tea bitch keywords current love Shanghai index is 2400, we analyze the article ranking of search results is love Shanghai seventh, the keywords ranking has not changed. Nearly three days of love from Shanghai in October 21st were IP 8ip, 22 28ip, 23 day (afternoon 2:30 Statistics) 40ip. Let’s guess the graphic result is update 22, then in the index unchanged under the condition of the keywords love Shanghai to explode.

and Aladdin were similar, but not a

Green Tea bitchWhat is the meaning of the

in the past two days, Shanghai ranked focus on love, occasionally found some keyword search results will contain pictures. The love of Shanghai and several well-known video station cooperation, such as potatoes, Youku and other video search results contain a picture has been used, but this is a wide range of articles. Although it did not touch the idea, but love in Shanghai is estimated to optimize the search results to upgrade, expected to show more rich content to enhance the user experience.


because of the graphic results are not every one of the words will appear, want to compare, can be pictured in Shanghai love to search for "X bus reborn".

according to our analysis above, a conclusion is that once you love Shanghai article in the search results out graphic display, traffic explosion several times.


see such a wonderful graphic display, can not help but want to find out the actual effect of case analysis, the CNZZ statistics point of parapara panoramic page two, finally found a good keywords, let’s take a look at.

but today no search channels are responsible for their own, actually silently also appeared in the graphic display results, shown in figure