Make good use of the continuous improvement of correlation keywords website ranking


you see, search Shanghai dragon training were also searched in Shanghai dragon combat training, Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon money free training, training and so on. Only these are search engines that are the most relevant keywords and you, and not your mind: those areas of Shanghai dragon training, Shanghai dragon optimization training, Shanghai dragon tutorial, Shanghai dragon, network marketing. This is the most extensive, is not the most relevant, if a competitor’s site keywords layout is the most relevant, but you have to your conscious keyword relevance. This competition you have to spend a huge price, for example, you may need to do outside the chain may have more than doubled. This is the use of the chain for congenitally deficient, very painful, you will suffer the chain Commissioner website.

the previous title is the actual training camp in Shanghai and Phoenix, the theme is simple and clear. But this does not meet the user needs.

, you can only choose a keyword, and then extended target keywords according to the correlation, because a website is only one theme. I see too many do not pay attention to key words related websites, cite a simple example, to Shanghai dragon training as an example, the general wording is Shanghai area dragon training, Shanghai dragon optimization training, Shanghai dragon tutorial, Shanghai Longfeng information, network marketing, network promotion, and then a certain website. In my opinion, firstly, in my opinion, this is not a specific theme of the site, because these words are not related, is only the most extensive, most relevant is not what we say. Most of the time we can not go to the feeling of their own judgment, the search engine is a program, we are not so smart. If you like according to the situation in the headline search engine will not clear the theme.

correlation is one of the factors affecting the website ranking of the most important, remember I wrote an article "web site keywords ranking five important factors, the first is the user experience, the second is how to make the relevance of the website. In fact, we believe that as long as the Shanghai dragon slightly know a friend will know how important the correlation. Since it is so important, we must do to improve the nature of our site keywords ranking, but also in good correlation to improve the user experience, to help users find more useful information on our website, we are also a good way to increase user stickiness, today the author in his blog as an example to introduce how to correlation use keywords continuous improvement method for ranking the website each keyword.

so how should we find the relevance of the website? That is the search for the search engine, of course, this search for different search engines are not the same, so we have to have sex to optimize Shanghai love Shanghai according to the relevant search. So the word love Shanghai Shanghai dragon training which is the most relevant? The answer is please see the relevant search