No longer confused the real case analysis of what is the content

3. resource rich content, can provide users with special and richer content organization form, allowing users to get all the information you need at the lowest cost.

4. – good show to attract the eye of Title.

around November last year, made a website, the free template + free space +TWCMS a number of letters junk domain. It can be said that this combination is a set of garbage in the garbage. And now the mainstream of independent IP, independent server, out of their own DIV+CSS, plus a short domain name, is a world of difference. Then continue to update the 30-40 original and pseudo original to exchange several links, because of busy work, after basically no tube.

you tell me, is slowly feel a bit mean?


is a website can be ignored, this result, relatively speaking, is relatively satisfactory.

learning from Shanghai dragon to find their true practice sites, Shanghai dragon ER will be a word that is hanging in the mouth, "content is king, the chain for the emperor". To tell the truth, saying this is very simple, but really for us, what is the meaning of content is king? Some people may say that, it is not simple, content is king is very important, a lot of the original and pseudo original. I asked you a word: now a lot of original articles, false original article more search engine how to judge your article is very important to

from the technical level, without any external factors can give the site points, it can only analyze the internal factors. I love Shanghai out of statistics, probably know what.



now look at this website ranking


1. website content to service website core value, to provide search engines should also be helpful to their core value.

we look at the rules of the game makers is how to define the "content is king":

from "love Shanghai official Shanghai dragon SEO Guide V2.0 version of"

2. station should be user oriented, an ordinary visitor search engine website only, is to meet the needs of users of original content.

on these norms, I believe, as long as is done in the Shanghai dragon people, has seen more than 3 times, so from the technical level, I will not waste time to spectators, not only today, exchange ideas. As to look at the technical level of the article, I believe that a search a lot, I slowly to chew.