How to make the shared directory submission will no longer be a webmaster heart disease

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3 submission site

what is the website directory submission, I think we are not unfamiliar, in the words of love Shanghai encyclopedia, web directory is collected through the website resources artificial way, and these have a certain value of the site resources through artificial way for organizing, storing the corresponding directory, so as to form the web site directory the system. From the literal meaning we can feel the importance of web directory submission for our website, from the perspective of Shanghai dragon from the chain of category is a high quality of the chain, the weight can be very good to improve the site; from the brand marketing, with the help of classification directory sites, we can improve the site the exposure rate, establish our own brand of online. But just like what are double, site directory submission since there are so many benefits, then submit the likelihood of success will be reduced, this from the webmaster can see the tangled expression.

think you are clever friends will take your site into different sections of a directory, hope to make two columns also included, for the ascension of the weight is double effect. Do not say first this method can succeed, only now are generally made of artificial directory audit to be completed, you submit a different column, will be found that it is invisible editing, we reduce the website opportunistic, the impression, on the other hand, many owners will find Links through classification. After all, the classification catalogue is to divide the industry category, only the choice of the directory will be submitted, to help us on the network construction work, so from this perspective, choose a classification correlation submitted is a wise choice.

submit sites directory is not successful, and not the editors are too strict, but our improper operation, so in the actual submission process, we will be the improper behavior of

2 is not authentic and accurate description of the web information

directory is the site for a lot of time to see the qualifications, so many owners began to flatter themselves, said some of the more exaggerated description, this is the perfect is not necessary, because the other side since it is a manual review, it will analysis the people on your website, what your website like each other at a glance, so webmaster don’t cheat what eye in this site, no use. We have to do is to provide the real information, the basic content of site, site name, site keywords, site introduction were simple and clear description of information, do not appear to deceive and mislead, keyword selection should be moderate, up to 3, and the first page in the website clearly indicate the webmaster or business contact the way, and with the address information accurately, because I found that some high quality of the open directory has mandatory, no communication address and contact information are generally not included.

1 directory submission regardless of correlation, only opportunistic