Use the Author attribute to improve website weight and credibility

noble baby "Rel=Author" attribute has been launched for a long time. As for the specific role of the label, you go directly to the Matt Cutts search nobility baby can see the visual effect.

using Author

so, it is necessary for us to use this function when possible, although it is difficult for Chinese people, but for the team or company nature of the operation, in the case of resources, this should be a consideration may be included in the category of.

1: Authority: the author information we can be understood as a certified noble baby, is a kind of recognition and affirmation of the author, this has become the authoritative factors behoove. We can bold speculation, it will be an important factor of noble rank baby.

simply, the Author attribute is on the search results page directly show the author information items. Semantic (LSI) is gradually embodies the development of intelligent cold machines, is committed to show the nobility baby abstract content in the search results page is more abundant, on this point, this article in June: HTML5 and are the next generation of Shanghai Longfeng standard mentioned earlier. While the ultimate aim to nobility baby now seems to have been more clear: authority, authority, or his mother’s authority. It seems too far, this article mainly said "function and use Rel=Author tags.

2: your noble baby photos on Profile must be clearly identifiable by my real photos.


1: you have a noble baby account, and create a detailed Profile, not to registered nobility baby + first.

the most basic use of Author tags can be divided into three steps:

before using this tag to confirm two things:

2: credibility: from the user perspective in the search results to see the author with the contents of information seems to be more increased credibility. Don’t have to carefully identify each boring text, direct selection with author head of the basic link can find the required content. This is directly related to the CTR website and conversion rate.

1: first create a About information page authors such as Me in the web page, and then on the menu, use the author tag to link this.

on the label, a more detailed explanation in the noble baby official documentation, please click here to view. But the official version is obscure, here to do a simple introduction.

to use the Author attributeThe use of

The benefits of