The website to replace the domain name weight down how to restore

replace the domain name of the website after entry, the chain, the weight, PR and so on, are to start accounting, a normal website, this adjustment is tantamount to suicide. But on a website through the efforts did not pick up, maybe this is a rescue site strategy. In this paper, by finishing

The baidu

entry website released normal experience for 2 months, to April 2nd, to find the input information through Baidu search site. The homepage entry is in second days after the replacement of the domain name, but it has always stay in the moment, and as long as a few input quantity. In Baidu search results, this article is not only a few content ranking. Although able to see the site entry from a few to hundreds of thousands, the rapid add on the site index Baidu accounting amount, but the practice of SITE queries we notice, those thousands of Baidu Index is not displayed by Baidu search.

domain name and experience a noble baby PR value update, the original PR4 domain name directly into today’s new domain name PR0, which also resulted in such a long time to replace after the domain name, website links are not very good to do the exchange. This more than two months, my site is only linked to the 3 links, 2 of them are new, very Speechless said. Just this moment experience Li Scindapsus algorithm Baidu on the line, I am serious with Baidu Shanghai Longfeng rules.

Just replace the


as a dead horse horse medicine. In February 2, 2013, the official opening of the new domain name website, and the website with the revision. The domain name after the replacement, according to Baidu Webmaster Platform in that made the old site domain to the new domain settings in the webmaster things, websites on the server of the old domain set up 301.

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to replace the domain name before the weight of the website has been in 0 and 1 between the garden, usually change after two or three months, the experience of a year and a half hour. The site itself is mostly content herself, the site does not do business connection, no malicious code may attack website also has always been very stable. And the site also in a very long period of time to write the generated content, the website weight has been circulating in 0 and 1. In this context, the author made a resolution to replace the domain name.

Baidu until today, the weight of the site from 0 to 3, no longer like before the old domain name that is always 1 or 0 cycles. I don’t think now how many domain name with the different domain name, are 4 COM hybrid rice. I can only guess that, before the domain name is Baidu out and I replaced the domain name, it is to avoid this, the weight can site up enough rehabilitation.