Shanghai dragon Er skills necessary to carry out traffic statistical analysis work

of course we have to use professional flow analysis system, as a reference scale, it has a very practical value for the evaluation of the promotion effect. We can use the general flow statistics software record visitors is through what way into the website, for example through which search engine, Links or other sites, the system will record the source page, convenient management and view, which is more than a lot of data more valuable. At the same time for several search engines and provide information platform in the promotion enterprise, this function can provide a basis for assessing the persuasive.

visitors which is based on keyword search and link to the enterprise website, this information is very important for the enterprise, it represents the enterprise keywords ranking position is reasonable, and the choice of key words is correct and efficient. At the same time, also by the number of each keyword click, the source of statistics on the bidding service provider for each charge statistics confirm, if there is no big gap that is reasonable and credible basic charge.

again, keyword statistics


finally, the visitor’s location

traffic monitoring and third party access traffic statistics, and for access to the site monitoring and analysis is an important work of daily management personnel, recently gourd blogger exposed to some Adsense encyclopedia traffic statistical analysis, then the traffic statistical analysis about how to start

The number of visits by

the visitor’s IP system will translate into can browse convenient location, thus enterprises can understand the retrieval of each target market, when a regional equipment manufacturing enterprises found that a large number of visitors from the non target market, it should consider the abolition of delivery in the area, to avoid the waste of resources. If the search volume from a market increased significantly, may indicate that the area of the market demand is improving, should be timely feedback to the marketing department, verified with the market information, so as to focus on the development of the traditional market forces in the region provide the basis for.

first, access to sources of statistics


second, the web site of the page visit statistics

records of the web page, as web content by the important degree of concern. Obviously, if the statistical results show that the product page has more access times, then it will be a happy thing, it shows that potential customers really want to understand our products, and if the user just browse the web page is gone, it is necessary to analyze the reasons, "whether or not to leave the visitor a good first impression, the content and navigation design is reasonable, whether to provide convenience for visitors to browse products. The recent visit to Germany’s official website data, found that the publicity for the host business news can not find any information on the official website, which is not conducive to the user experience, because for the new station, the outside world to understand you basically depend heavily on official website.