Shanghai announced in April 25th about love on the chain judgment in my opinion

forum signature is in fact in a place not related to your site, it is also a kind of promotion, such as some small companies selling server, domain name, in the webmaster forum on signature to obtain a large number of customers, for the webmaster, selling server in the signature of promotion is very useful. That you love Shanghai by what logic to illustrate the effect of publicity work, but also said it is our person do? You understand, as long as the correlation right on the line, no need to kill a stick, not without weight or less weight, we do this with what relationship, for example a group of people in the valley, talk to each other when someone is not God, because this group of people born low, vulgar language and punish the person they discussed? < / P>

pig appeared in the dinosaur era can be, it means undoubtedly tell you only the official set, not allowed to do anything, love can let Shanghai enterprises pay promotion, why can’t the webmaster to own website forum promotion, can you recommend a fake, why can not the webmaster advertise your site? Is not out of the money does not belong to the scope of manipulation, it would be a beast in the control! Your position is too high, only the upper service crowd, completely regardless of the actual Chinese society, you have clear, North China, and even abroad, and we don’t have a good condition, and not up to would you like to cross to your international quality accreditation standards, if so, why do you still get a fake angry Webmaster Platform, fool the public, on the surface and the individual Webmaster close, but the interpretation of the realization of the emperor Fenshukengru, let the webmaster

although I do not do this kind of promotion, but love Shanghai’s search team logic is too messy, head hurt, I really do not see the past, criticizing a love pig logic team.

This logic is only logical

April 25th, Shanghai Webmaster Platform released love "on the chain" to judge a text, is mainly related to love Shanghai to treat the chain and the chain of garbage and the principle of distinguishing cheating of the chain, the paper introduced the love of Shanghai foreign chain control and restraint, in fact also expressed a love for the sea forcibly interfere with the natural ranking, but show love Shanghai for the search engine algorithm at random, so that the number of day and night of hard work by the owners of mercy, lost the Internet according to the open and fair core meaning. Here I mainly talk about love Shanghai’s official "about our chain" view

do my signature on the Forum

view: love Shanghai chain website, led by the beneficiaries artificially produced belong to our

I also expect junk information in the network under control, has been seriously provide real value to the content to the user, but for the love of Shanghai published in April 25th "some talk about the chain" that it is judgment, not recognized, I hope to reconsider Chinese specific national conditions and give personal webmaster webmaster identity. Leave a way to survive, let the webmaster >

jump trap?