Six major factors affecting the stability of the website ranking

fourth continues to provide quality content of the most important content in the Shanghai dragon forever, but also to the quality of the content, for example, users often come to your website. Just beginning to see is the quality of the content, but then you website content is more and more garbage.

third, the stability of the chain I see a lot of cheating in the site is also outside the chain, the chain also lost. You look at those sites with some software group, at the beginning of the rankings is very useful, but over a period of time the search engine will calculate these links slowly, it is easy to have this batch of quality links to calculate spam links. That is to say to you in front of the weight, the late will not give you the weight calculation, and may even be harmful to your site. Of course, there is also a case, each link is the life cycle. Especially some general weight links, especially easy to lose, if we can not timely repair back, it will do great harm to the ranking.

second, stable included included is the foundation of the rankings, and also is the foundation of traffic, especially for large web sites is more important. Because of the large website on the long tail flow, the direct reason is the influence of how much of the collected traffic. A website has a long tail word flow more, it will also promote the core keywords. In fact, for some small business site, in fact, how much of the collected for ranking is influential, such as your collection of one hundred pages, it will have to vote for the one hundred sites home page. If you don’t have a stable included, fell fifty pages, reducing fifty of the vote home. In fact, add a page to what is not much impact on the ranking, but if it is to reduce the page ranking will have a great impact on the.

as the saying goes, Dajiangshan difficult, more difficult to sit. Our website is the same, the keywords ranking up is not easy, rushed to keep living this ranking is even more difficult. In fact, we are talking about more or what ranking, but how to jump in the ranked rush to and stabilized in this area of concern is less. I mainly want to talk about after the top to hold some of their views ranking today, we hope to help.

first, the stability of Great oaks from little acorns grow., if you don’t fix the foundation stability, the higher the risk, and the speed will be faster. This thing may have a variable that is possible when you buy early is very good, but with the use, due to a variety of things, such as your content more and more, and the space program can not stand, your site development is more and more big, more and more traffic, resulting in space velocity you become more and more slowly, of course, taking their own reasons. In fact, at this point we must note, it is a constantly changing, don’t think when you just bought after test is no problem, but it is constantly changing, so we should always check the IIS log, server space can see so many things.