Rookie summary several doubts love Shanghai Google adjustment algorithm

actually knows Shanghai dragon website ranking is nothing more than the chain and content with the chain, whether there is a wide server stability, ranking off, how to find the problem? The author thinks that if it is before the website after the update ranking dropped, for example, is from the first off page to page third, the chain is basically a problem, because the Shanghai dragon is not a person you are doing, but a group of people do, the chain can not keep up, certainly also ranked behind, or is the site to stop the update, put back to the initial snapshot. Again, if it is the first page of the website ranking fell to the 200 page beyond what reason: in fact, this problem is really very simple, if the usual work is normal, so please wait a week, the ranking will certainly come back again. I also found a problem, a new keyword ranking, hovering between second and third pages, after an update, ranking no, wait a week, ranking rose to the first page, so, the webmaster in look at the decline of the situation suddenly must keep calm that is likely to be a good thing.

estimates the webmaster all know, love Shanghai on Thursday and Saturday night will be updated, updated website ranking will appear big or small fluctuations, can be said that every update is a thing very much looking forward to the webmaster, is also a people suffering things, because we don’t know every time the update will be what kind of impact to their own website, if the ranking plummeted to

A general

I love Shanghai Google or any other search engine, the website should have the good ranking points, is nothing more than the contents of a commonplace talk of an old scholar + the chain, inside the chain. So, do these key points, do not need to worry about the search engine algorithm adjustment, adjustment is basically aimed at some cheating behavior. Many people say that Shanghai dragon is not a technology, but a real skill, if in the work of careful observation and analysis of the optimization of the usual, good skill is completely.


there is an important point, love Shanghai new collection rankings are good, and one to two weeks, ranking no, here to tell you a good way, must do a lot of external links the site included a day after at least 200, in this way, ranking quickly love will go up, Shanghai is very important for site maintenance work late, I had the history of several stations, the effect of this method is really stunning.

there is also love Shanghai, is a collection of problems, we found that when the normal love Shanghai included the speed is quite fast, generally two days can submit a sequence included, but there is a situation, the longer time to submit once included, not included, after a two months is not included. The proof of love in Shanghai also have temper, the first time in front of it bad may be completely shot dead.