Talk about some webmaster for some misunderstanding of love Shanghai

2) in Shanghai to promote love but not renew, from love Shanghai in search results disappear

there are many webmaster think just improve the PR value of the site in the country, so in love in Shanghai website weight is also higher, in fact, this point is purely a groundless statement is a weight, love Shanghai love Shanghai standard consideration website, while the Google PR is a web page rank Google launched, they belong to two different search engines, a global maximum use of search engine, a is the world’s most Chinese use Chinese search engines, they are still hostile relations, in a program, there may be


in the domestic webmaster want to get large traffic, I want to love you in addition to relying on the outside of Shanghai, because the love of Shanghai occupy the domestic search engine for more than 70 percent of the market, daily search volume is calculated by 100 million, if we can fall in love with the sea search site has a good rankings, however, because it is very important in love Shanghai, which also led to the love of Shanghai was deified, is because so many have misunderstood, while there is time today, I will in this analysis for everyone to love Shanghai


1) use love Shanghai statistics or love Shanghai housekeeper is helpful to improve the website


there are many webmaster think as long as the use of love or love Shanghai Shanghai statistical housekeeper must be able to make love in Shanghai included our website, but I do not think so, because of the use of products to attract the most just love Shanghai love Shanghai spiders visit only, and not so magical that long said, Shanghai will not be included because of love or to see the site webmaster, if your site overall quality is good, so even if you just send a post called 100 attack spider, it will also be included soon, but if the overall quality of your site is too poor, even if you use the webmaster love Shanghai love Shanghai statistics, housekeeper, or other what love Shanghai products are useless, so webmaster want to love Shanghai included or trying to improve the overall quality of the site is

webmaster first to understand what is actually the price promotion with the natural rankings included, price promotion is the webmaster have set their own keywords, and then their own plus web site on the line, love Shanghai don’t have included your site content, and users in the normal search keywords, you have price promotion keywords will appear in the first a natural ranking is included; and the need to love Shanghai included in your site, and the results of your efforts to optimize the. So, when you are in love in Shanghai was the price promotion but did not renew, website ranking will naturally disappear from Shanghai love search results, but this is normal behavior, not the other owners say "love Shanghai punishment", after all, just began to love Shanghai for your ranking is not natural you don’t love ranking, renew Shanghai will naturally not put your website on the first

3) website PR value high, then the love of Shanghai higher weight