Tall on the lawyer website how to guide the flow increases the source

external links, such as web platform, QQ mail belong to external links. If you want to pass the inbound links to get traffic is very difficult, you need to send a large number of 1 and 2, these external links, external links all need before, 3, the chain has a lot of restrictions, often with the advertising information will be deleted. Big data era, the bursting of the information era, we need to consider the user, the chain can not sit, to do the chain is recommended value for users, accumulated more website is also able to obtain money flow.

search engines to get traffic, which is now in the flow of word ranking, this is a long-term process of accumulation, a word flow is limited, the lawyer, find a core word, based on core words to develop long tail words, words more and more slowly, more traffic and bring the. This method is a good choice for small and medium enterprises, lawyers or more.

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days and months multiplying flow.

is currently looking at a website of the Lawyer Chen Gong or not, the flow above more reflected in a web site. The site has the flow, they naturally have a. Here is the natural flow of traffic, not to find a software brush flow, brush flow harm no one’s interest. The brush flow for a web site is not the behavior, what we need is the target customers click on the traffic flow, and the website can bring value to the user, giving the user a good experience, a lawyer can refer to lawyers in pinpaijianzhan.

is now the mobile Internet era, we can do from the media, every day to find some good articles, or their source case, every day to find the target users to share, slowly build up their own brand, so the site traffic will be more and more, are interested can refer to the official WeChat network in law.

Three, the search engine

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two, external links

brand building is the need of time accumulated, especially for lawyers, lawyers as a special group, so few people will remember the lawyer’s name and website, get traffic relatively less. Some people say you can through the QQ group or some social software, because your target audience is not clear, news release will be T off, time cost, the effect is unsatisfactory.

website to increase traffic, they must have their own brands, such as Taobao, Jingdong, in legal net and so on. Users of your website has a deep impression, when repeatedly visited, will directly enter the URL or brand word, not after the word search. The key is your website can help users, such as considering the law net free to help users solve legal problems in the course of time, put you as a friend, and you have dependence, this is a website


real success!