Shanghai Longfeng chain should be in charge of the flow and content or surprise

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Shanghai dragon can not leave the content. Content is king, the chain for the emperor is the Shanghai dragon made a commonplace talk of an old scholar, cannot do without the content is not included, no content, not included no ranking, it should be said that to solve the problem is one of the key content is, is the webmaster, to a certain extent to the chain is difficult. But a little misunderstanding is many webmaster, content is king is the original king. In fact, as a webmaster, ensure that each article site is pure >

in the chain and flow, there are owners began to break the normal procedure thinking, they propose that the owners should be with a global vision of strategizing, instead of just the shackles of some experience and framework. Webmaster don’t target keywords look too heavy, and the rational distribution of keywords distribution, to focus your efforts in the long tail, and long tail keywords control is good, traffic is often far greater than those at the top of the website. They said the webmaster should learn to be Zhuge Kongming, can "control, by flow in invisible".

chain is what method? In general, to increase the chain through the soft Wen, Links, forum, blog, question and answer method, but with the Shanghai dragon has gradually become more skilled with links. The forum, blog quiz administrator is foreign chain audit investigation with technological means and more, all kinds of punishment letter account let the webmaster be pestered beyond endurance. Methods Links will undoubtedly be the most stable and regular, but Links obtained outside the chain is very limited.

page optimization, the weight that will give this keyword is quite high. The importance of "keyword optimization is in turn: the page title, description, keywords of" the body of the page numbers, page Keywords tag, ALT tag.

Shanghai Longfeng content and the chain, to the owners, the chain has been every webmaster can pursue things, but the pursuit of different standards, the owners for quantity, while ignoring the quality of his work, every day to send the chain, the website ranking no improvement. The mood can see.

Two important parts:

said the long tail keywords, you know, there are intangible effects of high and low weight inside the website keywords layout for the website keywords. For example, we can through the pages to help us to do the long tail keywords, and if in the description of the page inside the long tail keywords, long tail keywords if the density increased, the weight will improve the long tail word.

relative to the chain, the chain is also essential and extremely easy to control. What skills do within the chain: a station that the station for the keywords as anchor text hyperlinks (not more than 3 words, mainly related to jump page, in the head and tail, try to make the anchor text diversity). At the same time, a page anchor text of the best control in 1-3; the correlation is stronger link anchor text page. The benefits of doing so is to transfer the spider crawling and page PR, promote the keywords ranking.