Shanghai dragon is a tool rather than a goal

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, second, through the Search ask the question and answer method for directional flow, with love, know about Shanghai.

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when we adhere to the original every day, the chain every day, after hard to find keywords ranking do up, ranking disappear Not the least trace was found. overnight, so we began to get nervous, check, check the chain, check the chain, found no problem, not how long the website ranking back, then all sigh difficult to Shanghai dragon.

is still relatively good, and some Adsense website ranking will be hard to make up, but found a lot to promote home, your site again how powerful, and does not understand how much traffic. Therefore, we should understand that the Shanghai dragon is a tool rather than we do the purpose.

we do the purpose of the station is very clear – directional flow. There are many methods, Shanghai dragon is the best, but we have to do, but from love Shanghai long term performance, only by the Shanghai dragon to get directional flow seems to be more and more difficult. We should not abandon this approach, but also do not advocate all traffic are dependent on this method, we can also through the method of Shanghai Longfeng outside to get directional flow:

therefore, Shanghai dragon is a tool and not an end, even if there is no keywords ranking, we are also able to obtain directional flow using the above method, Shanghai dragon is actually so little things, daily work is to send articles, send the chain, when we haven’t made up the rankings, directional flow through Shanghai Longfeng outside, may be able to reduce our dependence on the Shanghai dragon.

first, directional flow through the love of Shanghai know, since love Shanghai prefer their own products, we first thought is from its production efforts, we can be the long tail word list of all related websites in Shanghai know love asked, and then someone will ask questions to answer when you first. Do not directly own website domain name added to your account, no matter how high level, should put their name written in, remember is the site title and not the website keywords, guide users to search your site title, generally as long as your website included words, search the website title if your site is definitely in the top three, users can easily find, so many questions, site traffic began to rise, and Is very directional.

third, using micro-blog to obtain directional flow. This way it is not hard to say, the key lies in the execution, micro-blog adhere to write every day, share something of value, pay more attention to other people’s micro-blog to attract more fans, when you reach a certain number of listeners, clever and leads them to their own websites, can also obtain directional flow.