The couple must explain how to optimize the station


recommended and headlines here is different, and recommended headlines is not only a good article on the top, when you need to "focus on training" article, to this place, let the long-term stay in home in an important position, you can increase the number of weights for this article.

G: at the bottom of the page, usually said navigation can be placed in this place, you can put the column link, contact information and copyright notices are placed here, you can also put some keywords to strengthen, as shown in figure

F: this place is set to recommend attribute articles will show here, this place has two functions, one is to develop the link on the page here, another is the place for updating mechanism.

The following is a list of


C: this area mainly display headlines and recommended articles and update today, today is here to update the new release of the article faster by the spider climb take set.

does not modify the column page is mainly indicated in the drawings, the above "DIV& CSS;" here played for the bar.

D: this part DEDE to do good, each picture has added ALT, ALT content image search engine is readable, so the image of ALT can also increase the page keyword density.

the content of this article is relatively simple, which belongs to the basic type, mainly to explain some of the station optimization concept, to not know how to optimize the station or the station optimization friends fuzzy concept as a reference, I use DEDECMS default template version 5.7 as an example.

In fact,

E: here is a list of documents of each column, each column shows 8 documents recently updated, but we can let him set for random access to 8 documents in the column, so you can make the home have a certain change in each generation (update).

B: the main navigation here is often said, "home page" here can be changed to "keywords such as" Shanghai home "dragon WHY home", followed by the column page link, link text is decided according to the names of the columns, the conditions allow, the best use of keywords as the column name, such as "base map"".

A: "a CMS – easy Jianzhan began!" the local station is visible, can write your website slogan, and contains your main keywords or site name.


DEDECMS 5.7 default home page template.



, my home is divided into 7 parts:

First we look at the