360 search copy love Shanghai again

The above picture is two

‘s search engine open high homogeneity, the search results basically the same, whether it is love Shanghai, Sogou, 360 is basically a search result, similar, ten shows the results of at least seven or eight is the same, even Google is no exception, though, said that Google is the world’s best a powerful search engine, but I believe that love is the most understand Shanghai Chinese, today I will not say anything else, say 360

  this one is 360

!Because most


feel love Shanghai optimization too difficult, and because some of the bad impression of some reason is inherited, the year before the 360 search available, since 360 is free, so a lot of people like to put the 360, all of a sudden, how do 360 ranking is a small part of the topic. But I think the 360 search ranking really need to do it, I think it is not necessary, do love Shanghai other on all OK, I always feel that love Shanghai ranking stable, other search engines are basically, this is why we feel now give 360 search rankings are some of the old station, 360 for the new ranking is very slow, what I think is waiting for the love of Shanghai ranking stability after copying, I always have this arms The suspect, but not sure, until today I found a case, can be fully explained.

  this is a love of Shanghai

when I search for UV printer Guan Jian this term appears displaying results, you can also go to search test, display title for this show UV printer price, compare the differences, Title Extraction, extraction as described, only not just the same time snapshot, because Shanghai love into the original spark method, so the snapshot time is more accurate, and the 360 is the random update, the message of love Shanghai sometimes on the first page, sometimes on page second, 360 basically is ranked in the first page, the same information, and it is not just an independent website, B2B website products page ranking, if it is independent of the enterprise website said okay, but not, don’t love Shanghai and 360 think that this post is very good, the title or description or to transfer 100% The same then appear in the same position, explain the reason, can only pass the plagiarism, and recently found an interesting phenomenon, love Shanghai ranking day is variable, but it is various, for example, you search for a Guan Jian morning there is a group of words website. There is also at a number of sites, but also love Shanghai this picture is not fixed, sometimes, sometimes not, of course, here a number of different networks are not completely different, basically more than 80% is the same, that is to say only one to three sites are totally different, love Shanghai has reserved several index ranking mechanism, distinguish the show.