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second, now Taobao guest Wangzhuan people very much, and every day there are a lot of new entrants, so in this piece of competition is very intense, how can we in the fierce competition of the team to win is a key. The choice of goods is the most important, because the level of commission and the intensity of competition of a commodity determine whether you can succeed more easily.

why is Zhongguancun?

I contact Wangzhuan have been more than a year, beginning with a lot of new people, do free items, such as click, investigation, surfing and the like, because it is new, so not what experience, do not know how to do, is to see some of the figures back to station tutorial, slowly began to travel to make money online. However, there is not much harvest. The free items earn very little money. Some of them are offline, and there is no way out. Taobao later exposed to the guest, feel that they are right, income than free Wangzhuan is much better, so I decided to go to Taobao to do a guest website. Although only a few months only, but also have a certain understanding of Taobao, here to talk about some of the views of Taobao guest Wangzhuan direction, hoping to help.

actually, you can do a keyword very much, as long as you are careful to find, Taobao online sell thousands on thousands of can always find a suitable for newcomers, do, suggest that you can use sh419 index, select some index in the two hundred to five hundred index keywords to do, although the amount is less, but the competition is not fierce, easy to do go, don’t pursue the high 5 to 10 yuan gold figurines, will not necessarily make money, as long as we do up the rankings, with the flow, improve the conversion rate, thousand dollars a month is not difficult.

The aggregation effect of the

there are a lot of Internet Co here, and there are many famous universities such as Beijing University, Tsinghua University and so on. It is convenient to recruit staff and interns. Convenient transportation, there are nearby residential areas for employees to rent, living facilities are also perfect. Many of the founders and staff probably graduated from universities around Zhongguancun, where they became familiar with them. Like the formation of Silicon Valley ecology, universities such as Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley are among them.

to talk about how to choose the promotion of goods, that is, the theme of your website should be what type, is breast enhancement, weight loss, mobile phones, or athlete’s foot, eye cream, navigator. Your choice will decide whether you can get income in a relatively short period of time, suggest that you choose to do some of the more popular products, such as the navigator competition is relatively small, although less gold figurines, but it is relatively easy and the ranking of the home page, if you choose to do to lose weight blindly, so fierce words, such as L-carnitine is very difficult, competition is too intense, you can look at the sh419 search will understand, too many websites do this, is the value of its high gold figurines, as a new station, is unable to fight against them, before I made a L-carnitine station the results, as expected, there is no what ranking, now I also gave up, decided to choose products.


an Internet startup team decided to start a business and pay some of the cost at the start. 36 krypton, based on the survey, cited Zhongguancun start-up as an example of these start-up costs.

in the actual operation, the entrepreneurial team may also be ", The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, find a variety of other low-cost alternatives, realize the purpose of" save money "on the basis of this, and can quickly start the product development. For example, in the product development period, first rent a house or incubator station instead of office buildings. Even if entrepreneurs have their own resources, you can apply for government support for entrepreneurship, preferential policies to enter the industrial park, or enter some incubation space, in the early access to free office space. On office equipment, computers, office desks and chairs, these can be rented or bought by a closed start-up company.

Zhongguancun belongs to the North

first of all, to understand the principle of making money for Taobao customers. Build a web site, determine the theme, what is the type of product, and then put the site keywords ranking do go up by SEO, through the search engine to get traffic, and the flow through your website to buy taobao goods they need, and you can get from the Commission, or the commission.

let’s figure out the cost,

registered limited liability company

, finally, talk about >

mention Internet start-ups, Beijing Internet industry entrepreneurs will mostly think of Zhongguancun, Zhongguancun as one of the places to visit. As a starting point, Zhongguancun will become a reference area for entrepreneurs to examine other places later.

first, register a company,

technology center has made many people choose to take root. The overall cost of entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun, on the whole, will be on average, though, from the point of view of Beijing as a whole. But there is no doubt that Zhongguancun has indeed seen a large number of well-known Internet companies in China, as well as a growing number of start-ups that have the potential to change the world. The cost is considered on the one hand, but the founder’s consideration is to try to get his team started in a comfortable, uncomfortable environment.

our purpose is to give you a reference, if you start a business in Zhongguancun, you probably have to spend an initial cost, there are a number of hearts. At the same time, the cost allocation can also make friends in the beginning of the first venture office excitement, quickly understand what you need to configure, then an item to run, to do OK.

Internet start-up companies seek to save time, usually looking for agent service providers to sign up for registration. Internet agencies are now more efficient, convenient and cheaper than traditional companies.