nfluence of medical website content construction of Shanghai Dragon

saw a lot of website content is very rough, repetitive content of many, but the chain do very well, in a very long period of time really good included and ranking, but with the increase of the web site included, the growth of the chain, slowly will appear included reducing, plucking, drop in traffic situation or, say, website content is not in place due to the influence of.

is medical website users to search information is to quickly find the need to know the knowledge, but most medical websites want to do is to guide the user to business and other places as soon as possible, to achieve their own transformation rate, after all, medical sites are not the pursuit of high flow rate and browse, but increase the speed of the user conversion the rate, therefore, the medical website is currently more crazy covers a lot of long tail keyword, and the quality of the do not satisfactory, most articles are just modify the end, and made the original re combined, may not start from the user experience. How to improve the uniqueness and the guiding thinking with experience, this is a problem.

at present, with the application of network marketing in the market, the medical industry has already carried out like a raging fire in this industry. Especially those private medical companies, has already taken a fancy piece of the market, indeed, compared to the TV media and print media, the network has given new world health, who occupy the network, who occupied the commanding heights, and medical websites, as a display of the window of the enterprise, to attract customer portal, the importance of self-evident. And the content of the website construction, has always been a difficult, especially medical websites, the content is a difficult problem in the construction of more. Although with the development of Shanghai dragon, there are some new theories and technologies, but in any case, to provide customers with the needs of the content is the most basic premise, but also search the meaning of existence, so the content is the presence of a site, although there are a lot of garbage sites or meaningless station can search engine the vulnerability at a time by using traffic ranking, but will be blocked, thus, the content is the basis for the implementation of any other Shanghai Dragon technology or means, without good content, good technology also play a role.

has been the major search engines are in the importance of a strong emphasis on the content of the website builder will attempt to guide the website optimization and promotion of the work focus on content construction. Whether it is love or Shanghai Google, require the site has unique and relevant content, but the original content of medical websites are more difficult, not to mention is unique, in fact, most of the medical editor of the website is not engaged in medicine, to write their unique original article is free for the difficult, so a lot of the original have appeared. Most of the website articles are extraordinarily similar.

addition, medical articles included weight, also has been to solve the problem, in fact, we are very clear, although sometimes my article is original, but does not mean that the article will have a good ranking, at present, the search engine.