Viewpoint Web site keywords ranking changes not due to external factors

1 page open speed website speed, this has been needless to say, Google made it clear that this is one of the factors that influence the website keywords ranking, but less attention to a friend. We may also feel that the earth people know, but the stability of the space you have to pay attention to, if the time you started to buy this space is good, but this will change, if the space velocity changes on your web site, this reduction may be ignored at home.

The scarcity of

4. content and value-added main manifestation of user comments and fine-tuning, such as when you’re just out of this page is no comment, but later these social elements of it, it will also promote the ranking.

is perhaps because the intrinsic factors of ranking may be relatively vague, not easy to be observed, observed may we not sure it must be so, so we could not grasp what in this respect. We can only go to the analysis of what the growth of the chain and included growth, because this is obviously, what are the internal factors that affect website ranking changes?

content (2 similarity) and the quality of the content is never outdated topic, meaning that your site must be independent, even occasionally reproduced, but should be controlled in a reasonable range with the proportion of the original. But sometimes we think released these contents is helpful to the user, but the user does not see the contents of your value or not, at least compared with those contents in front of you later, the content of these quality is relatively poor, and the subtle difference is not easy to detect, but not very intuitive data. So maybe you are the content of the decline in the quality of result ranking drop is also unknown.

The value-added content of

often see some friends of the site keywords ranking change is to find the reason, ask the master is not the search engine algorithm is not changed, and quickly view your chain is not lost, Links is not being removed. Included is not the fallen, is beyond the competitors and so on a series of reasons to analyze. There is a situation that is ranked rise, ranking factors rise a lot of people will not go to analysis, the vast majority of people think that I have done so much work, should the ranking is rising. For some reason or is from the above list to analyze, in fact everyone in the analysis of website ranking changes too much emphasis on the external factors while ignoring the inherent factors of itself.

3 station link recommendation site internal link recommendation is a constantly changing, sometimes these changes we are not very good grasp. For example, we included rising, so the inside pages of the home with the weight will also increase, the page recommendation will strengthen. On the contrary, if we included reduced, so in our chain effect than the original will drop, it will also cause the keywords ranking drop, but the effect of micro call micro, causing everyone to ignore.