How to redesign the site will not be right down


there is to avoid impulse revision is a common problem for many novice webmaster, revision should be based on the full analysis, careful study and non change can not be under the premise, to do traffic declined sharply after the revision of the psychological preparation, if you can’t afford to flow down losses at present, should consider other methods, such as construction of new station replace, so as not to fall.

we do know Shanghai dragon will be very easy to search engine drop right website; some stations are therefore reluctant to.

maintenance updated regularly, especially the new column, to update some articles, and in home display, convenient spider crawling right outside the chain, this is not to say a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Don’t make a big shake correcting step by step like, even if the site theme has not changed, the small range can step in the revision step by step.

revision needs constantly testing, it is recommended that all tests are conducted in local, local test after successful upload to the server once again on the line. Some of my friends love the server test directly above, this site keeps changing, search engines will follow. It must be carried out on the server, suggested this time directly prohibit search engine access. Do the revision always involves some column additions and deletions, for the mobile column, to do a good job for the new revision: delete column not many novice webmaster friends, no site planning, in a hurry on the line, line that template is not good, the theme is not beautiful, think of how to change, in fact, novice webmaster should spend more time in how to do the content and enhance the flow above, as for "beautiful user experience, is to consider things later. The search engine is very sensitive to the revision of the new station, too often there may be long-term into the sandbox may not stand up.

love love Shanghai Shanghai search is also very nostalgic, but his main performance in the snapshot, by analyzing the log, love Shanghai to have deleted directory about several months after the crawl, but love Shanghai may have periodic snapshot recovery before the revision before the time. Love Shanghai very sensitive to change, even small changes can also cause fluctuations, the new station frequent revision is suicidal.

search engine is to read love love Shanghai Shanghai search: search can be said to be the most nostalgic, I have a website based on Web site log analysis, a few years ago has been deleted directory love Shanghai spider is still crawling; one last station revision website now, great changes have taken place in the directory structure however, the observation log, found love of spiders in Shanghai every day crawling back catalogue. Although Shanghai love NianJiu, but the new revision is also very fast, small range of influence on Shanghai is not love.

website development strategy of website peak stage rise it is best not to swing, will be a devastating blow to the site, in order to change the influence of the rankings is reduced to a minimum, the author summarizes the revision several problems that need attention, I hope to help the new webmaster.