How to make the site keywords ranking tends to be stable

two does not change the stability factor and the stability of the station outside the station

In order to maintain the stability of equipment based keywords stable

two is not 24 hours of service must be used with caution, the hardware can not guarantee is not a problem, but the problem is to control is the key, a web site can not open within 24 hours but not in 48 hours is not open, otherwise your ranking only decreased.

why love Shanghai to recognize our website, which had said that the host and program site, host and program site is the hardware facilities, it can be said that any website can not be separated from these two factors, we can in the establishment of the content, the chain may have unstable phenomenon, but the host our website and program can not appear this kind of phenomenon, so we choose the host and program must do the following two points:


there are many sites keywords ranking is not stable, there are many reasons that cause instability, such as server instability, optimization, excessive chain deleted, content updates, improper competition, brush keywords keywords ranking, website cheating and so on line, and as a webmaster in the process of the operation of the site. It is impossible for the conduct of the avoidance, so learn website operation skills is particularly important.


website is the most important site of the equipment and software, which requires the site has a stable host and the stability of the internal and external environment, so how to do to make the site keywords ranking stable

is a website is not easy to change, this change is a descriptive language for website idea and version of the first, because the description and version of the first search engine spiders every day into the site of capture, even if these contents are easy to change, so that a search engine will think our website is not to be a keyword then, the search engine on the web test will be more.

is a free program for the host and don’t look for free, but especially free hosts cause infinite harm to people, even more so, a part of the new owners when entering the Internet due to economic factors to choose a free hosting site, the result? Spent several months just some improvement, and open the website this is the lesson.

two is the site of the station is not easily disorder, and not love Shanghai outside the chain of public information, take the common sense to.

as part of the information outside the chain of love Shanghai is open, there is now the chain part included in the site after being deleted, in addition to the forum also canceled the signature station station stability and from this information we can see that love nothing more than to the requirements of Shanghai website external links, so our website is optimized when we must do two things:

stable elements of a host and program stability is ranked