n our daily optimization details are easy to overlook

two: the optimization of the details you can’t ignore the 404 error page

: you cannot ignore the details of the 301 redirect


three: you can’t ignore the nofollow tags using

for the 404 error page, believe that this is for the webmaster is not familiar with the familiar, when our daily optimization will inevitably encounter delete data, site maintenance etc.. When the 404 error page will play the important role, not only can we tell people this is an error page by 404 error page, can also be through 404 error with search engine spiders show in front of the road barrier. Although this page is very easy to do, but we tend to ignore the details, especially when we set the error page back status codes, such as the time when 404 error page, because of his carelessness result in an error status code, error page to the search engine returns the status code should be 404, but the wrong use of the meta refresh, then you return a status code is 302, this status code is easy to misunderstand the search engine, the author of the site because of the small details of the search engine punishment.

Nofollow tag and the webmaster of the old saying is very clear. Special is the role of the following and the site Never mind that with the search engine spiders, you can not crawl. We know of the nofollow tag may be because some owners through the label to the early Links deception effect. Of course, this is not a good application, but the label.

believe that many people have to know the details in our life is important for individual development, plays a key important details. So in our Shanghai dragon in this industry? In front of a living example of Bibi we have to say, as Shanghai dragon er if you want to accomplish something in the ranking of the competition, then I can tell you that you can not ignore the details. I’ll be here today to share some small details in the process of optimization is easy to ignore, we hope to help the optimization.

for the 301 redirect page, we may have a better understanding, because in our daily optimization process, will inevitably encounter the problem of address changes caused by site upgrade or migration. When we encounter this problem is the most simple to use 301 redirect the old page redirect to the new URL address. This is just one of the 301 functions, in fact there is a 301 individual functions, that is through the 301 redirect we can link weight integration site, we can use 301 redirect will be scattered in the other page of the link weights converge to our main domain name, so that it can avoid unnecessary waste of link weight.