Nine Shanghai Dragon examples to explain the enterprise stand inside optimization

for robots.txt syntax rules. We can see the love of Shanghai search engine optimization guide, general enterprise website robots.txt is quite simple, just need to write three points is enough, I like this station is written like this:

in accordance with the above mentioned, this is done to create a site map and robots, the two step is relatively simple, do not need to have what technical requirements.

, sitemap and robots.txt to establish a file

setting method of




keep the site each page title in Shanghai Longfeng are completely different is more important, but for the enterprise station, we all know that most design enterprise station is the entire page is divided into three parts: the head, tail, theme, web developers in order to save the head and tail alone the extraction with head files and foot files, then all of the pages are called the two documents, this is taboo in Shanghai Longfeng optimization. This will lead to the page title and description of all the same, will be determined to repeat the page, in this case we should put all of the pages are re set, to ensure a completely different page title. For example, the author of this article the station’s two page title is completely different:


two, each page of the title of

in place of the website is "Neiwaijianxiu", not only do external optimization, and can optimize internal good site. I often see you in A5, but found the theory to explain the majority, there are few really practical to teach you how to do well in the station optimization tutorial, the author with more than a year of experience in the Shanghai dragon venture here write how to do well in the station optimization, here I take a business station to optimize www.vdink贵族宝贝 as examples to explain, at present, the ranking of this site can still need further improvement. This paper is to explain the station not attentive place, I hope you can forgive me, enter the text below.

to the site, the first site to create a site map and the robots.txt file, the amount included in these two documents can be very good to improve the entire site. Site map site map or XML version of the HTML version of the online method can create a site map, you can create here (贵族宝贝xml-sitemaps贵族宝贝/). I this station site map is the XML format, as shown below:


An optimized