ndustry Shanghai Longfeng Er face love Shanghai suck what to do 1

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The first picture above

first, we want to publish our business information and open their own shops in the local famous website (like Taobao store), because the local famous website which has a lot of potential customers for many of you, as long as you can catch fish, this fish will Everfount into your mouth.

the time I have been in the flow of data on a studio, they found the website traffic is very interesting, Shanghai traffic is not love for their direct access to the site’s traffic. Maybe some people do not believe, but this is the truth, give you two photos:

www.yyzhukao贵族宝贝 Second,

what can we do to achieve this effect?

well, today is to share these two points, a summary is to open their own shops and forum posts in the corresponding local famous website. Let you want to catch a fish, you know he had cast the bait.

careful friends here may ask me for no reason, you write a brand advice articles, this is a completely brand benefit results. In fact, because we as Shanghai dragon er the first thing to understand is how to flow. We can see from the figure 80% of the traffic is directly enter the URL, you and I both know in love directly into Shanghai, will not directly copy the URL into the website. So we can eliminate the love of Shanghai.

In fact, I want to see

is the famous local website forums, you want to have the same guest, and they are many.

(bid to bring traffic), second map (direct access to Shanghai and Phoenix):

has been ranked Shanghai love flow is not so awesome, there are a lot of words are ranked in the first, but very little traffic. We feel Er Shanghai dragon is more tired, more and more confused. Every day thinking about why I index data and my traffic data are very large, I seem to have said "I is the root of all" that is to say we don’t blame the index allowed to love Shanghai. It is important for us to find a way to leave Shanghai in search of our love station can create profit for us, good words do not say entered point.