The key point of website optimization novice to do local blog on the homepage of Shanghai Longfeng f

again, is considered the first before you ask questions, why should people help you? Who’s time is limited, some people question why people are willing to help, some people do not want to mention? Why are the group of irrigation more dry cargo less? We think? Want to understand, you can get master pointing.

1, hire IP, try to use big brands.

5, the chain and improve the quality of.

WP, the chain is in place, there are certain advantages to do local Shanghai dragon blog. But the key is a simple operation, very suitable for Shanghai dragon novice get started quickly, seize the opportunity, too much trouble we use the default template. Some students love with you hand, Jones is not recommended, because you set the template and the adjustment is quite difficult, easy to combat novice enthusiasm, causing the site to delay not line.

2, a personalized website brand name and registered COM domain name.

3, using WP system.

joined the Shanghai dragon group, has many of the same starting point of the students can communicate with each other and support. Here to remind you, first love Shanghai or Google search before asking a question, don’t ask questions in order to avoid annoying some idiot.


in the article and the chain to take full account of the needs of users, concentrate on high quality, high quality under the premise of the expansion of the number, the only way to have the opportunity to go beyond the old station. Another point, do not link like before blind do, or starting from the user needs to place, so as to improve the click, is conducive to the website optimization.

high quality article is another benefit you spread out, can reduce the risk of being when advertising, we all love to see "love" is not dry cargo, smuggled goods". This is the Shanghai dragon Jones blog www. Shanghai dragon qi>

before A5, I have to share a lot of knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng dry cargo. Today, Shanghai dragon Jones for everyone to talk about: Shanghai dragon novice to do a few key points on the front page of the local optimization blog quickly.

Virtual host

com is a good character name domain name may others have not registered, another is the character’s name is easy to attract click. I like the Shanghai dragon blog site called Shanghai Longfeng Jones, would surely be called Wang Shanghai Longfeng, O Shanghai Longfeng this kind of ice to attract people to browse, the new name Jones share skills to my website, you can see.

4, joined the Shanghai Phoenix exchange group, seeking help to think more about their needs.

IP can avoid the same IP station search engine evaluation result of the problem of the poor; looking for big brands will obtain stable and reliable service, the less likely problem. Many novice started Shanghai Longfeng cheaper to buy a small brand space business space, then people run away or the website was hacked, website optimization efforts