Love Shanghai search function perfect step by step

local search for users is of great help, the value is not cheap. What is the local search? Personal view is that the search engine according to the different regions of the user to determine the display value of the search results page to show in front of the user feedback information. Of course, different areas here may be based on IP or some other factors. Local search function to strengthen, to bring users more quickly and more convenient to search for the user experience is a big step forward.

rise of personalized search function

two, local search function to strengthen

example: when we enter the "Shanghai dragon" in love Shanghai in search engine, search results page appeared in the "Shanghai dragon related news and other information.

is the so-called integrated search before the normal search results page is not only in the number of text messages, at present also contains pictures, videos, news, blogs, maps, books and other vertical search results, of course "integrated search" is first introduced by Google. The love of Shanghai search also strengthened the technical content of this field. Integrated search function perfect, more conducive to the user experience, users have more choices.




love Shanghai search function is based on the needs of different users, to meet the needs of users, gradually perfect love Shanghai search function, the user experience is to. Of course we do website optimization is to pay more attention to the user experience. Understand the different user behavior to better do Shanghai dragon. A little far away, we return to the theme of "perfect" love Shanghai search. The search function to love Shanghai now perfect what function? I found the idea and research of rough talk about here.


example: when we enter in Shanghai love to a search engine like "death" of the video information query, the search results appear in the first page is about the "death" of the Shanghai love video.


, a perfect integration of search

: the local search function is mainly reflected in the love map of Shanghai, when I enter the keyword query in Shanghai Jiangbei "love map, the results naturally normal feedback out of the map is Chongqing jiangbei.

personal search is no longer a trend, but now the rapid rise. Love Shanghai search function is also in this direction, although it still do not perfect, not perfect, but for future success has made the upholstery. Love Shanghai personalized search function began to rise mainly in the video search function, although also strengthen the promotion of their own products, but also to meet the needs of users. I also hope that love Shanghai search function can more quickly improve the function, and promote the use of.