Shanghai Longfeng experience how to easily respond to the customer’s site



, a rookie webmaster to optimize the long tail keywords, left posterior section

to its own

when optimizing a website, many customers even don’t know what is the Shanghai dragon, the majority of customers first, want to understand what the website promotion price, the second is the ranking of words, so we picked for their words when the best selection of some optimization on the long tail keywords, whether these keywords do the first who can bring them to the next words, say, because they see is the key is in the first place, when the key words fall, they will think you didn’t help him to do, and a lot of friends one day 10 optimization of several websites, if you are the optimization of some of the more popular words, and you are an elite Shanghai dragon staff, I think you are conservative, leave a way out for yourself! Look at my thought customers in Shanghai, They are making promotional television network: www.shshihao贵族宝贝.cn, some relatively easy optimization of the long tail keywords I had to give them a choice, now there is difference of cooperation with them for more than a year, keywords ranking is good, they have good relations with, take a look at me for the keywords of their choice!

as a Shanghai dragon staff, every effort as can be imagined but paid, can not get in return, so we should try to make our efforts to harvest, today I would like to experience to share, how to easily respond to the customer’s site. We all know that love Shanghai algorithm in constant change, if you are not a Shanghai dragon experienced veterans, with key words is a little hot, so for the optimization of a website can be said is not a very easy thing, every day I send the chain is not necessarily can bring your website ranking now, most customers see is your site keywords ranking, for what love Shanghai algorithm, fluctuation of words, a little understanding, in the face of this problem, I think there must be a lot of friends in Shanghai Longfeng experienced customers "blame" or even direct greetings to you XXX at home, because they paid. The money did not want to see their own results, so let’s talk about how he was to optimize the customer site

in Shanghai dragon also let customers involved in, on the surface looked is groundless statement of other people’s money, don’t accept, but also to help others, this is actually possible? Conversely, many customers are willing to do, I also like most friends, busy every day to the customer site on the data, the hair of the chain, a day off, the stars in their eyes, very tired, but sometimes the effect is poor, often have a change of impulse, then this pressure is forcing me to come up with a way to allow customers to participate in the optimization, optimization effect is very good, cut a map for everyone to see it.

two, let customers together to participate in the optimization of