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as an important channel for internet bidding to earn, so many people involved in the project bidding to make money. But because a lot of people is the first operation, there are many blindness, manifested in the new body is very obvious. The advertising circle of this series of articles, starting from the actual case, as we explain the system on practical problems for

from the top of the figure can be seen, by April 8th, increasing advertising, even once the advertising ranking was promoted to the position of the first love Shanghai auction. Around April 8th ad spending up to more than 1400.

it is undeniable that the students big heart, in April 8th the first shock (think this project can enter the first), the advertising budget in half a day was exhausted. But once the site open speed is slow. From these data we can see that this is not a problem ranking problem, but the challenge vested interest. That is, the original first (perhaps a

we all know, is the most basic mode of bidding, choose a project construction, advertising, customer service, these simple steps. The advertising circle focus here is on the construction of advertising, and advertising, how to operate in order to maintain stable profits, or to maintain long-term money.

for these questions, we first do not rush to answer. Let’s look at a set of data.

we see the first screenshot:


this account from April 5th on-line advertising, we can see that April 5th to April 7th this three days time, online advertising time is relatively small (which in April 6th, has failed to be put on) is relatively small, the budget is 300 dollars, shows that the average love Shanghai 4–6 rankings, statistics, actually two days of advertising 4 single transaction, Bill advertising (love sea currency) more than 800, equivalent to almost 650. The 4 single for a total amount of about more than 2300. Overall, the rate of return on investment is good.

novice to make money!

here we give is a case, for your reference!

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we are in "actual bidding: a novice surgeon in an invincible position" in this article, analyzes the main problems of bidding advertising circle novice note from the objective angle. The focus is on the actual steps of project operation. This article will use the actual case to analysis, when the novice in the operation of the project, why would the loss of

) launched a counterattack!

this case, is a touch of love Shanghai auction, advertising circle of students for the first time to open an account. We recorded the whole process of all-round, make you more aware of your problems, where.