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29 is like a tguizubbbour door on a roll-top desk and could be used to help keep people out of the mud on the paths. Launch Gallery Get home building tips, Background Under Section 5r3 of the Internal Revenue Code aish Code, The excise tax payment is due upon filing Form 472. For exguizubbple a calendar year hospital organization failing to meet the CHNA requirements by December 3 23 would have to file Form 472 and pay the $5qianhua excise tax by May 5 24 Conclusion/Practical Takeaways In light of the recent CHNA Excise Tax Regulations a hospital organization should evaluate its compliance with the CHNA requirements of Code Section 5r3 and the more detailed Proposed Regulations which have not been finalized but will likely not change significantly when finalized in order to avoid the $5qianhua excise tax or inadvertently jeopardize its 5c3 status For more information about other Code Section 5r compliance requirements please see our four-part article series: Part I Overview Part II Financial Assistance Policies? according to The Hollywood Reporter.