Sony announces thinner lighter PS Vita with better battery life

first_imgLast month Sony took the much-needed decision to cut the price of the PS Vita to $199 while promising to significantly reduce the price of the handheld’s memory cards. But that wasn’t the end of the PS Vita announcements as Sony has just revealed a brand new model, the PCH-2000.From October 10th a new thinner, lighter PS Vita will be available to buy that comes with a range of advantages over the existing model. It’s 20 percent thinner at just 15mm thick, and 15 percent lighter weighing in at 219 grams. The battery life has also been extended by one hour taking the time between charges to around 6 hours.There’s also good news for those who still think the memory card pricing is too high–you will no longer need one. Sony is including 1GB of memory as standard in the revised Vita, so save games and smaller download games can be played without a memory card inserted. At the same time, a 64GB memory card is being introduced for users who want to carry a lot of games around with them. It’s also thought that lower memory card pricing will happen alongside the launch.A thinner, lighter PS Vita is great news for gamers, but also a cost saver for Sony. However, there is one cost-saving change gamers may not appreciate. Although nothing is changing in terms of screen resolution, Sony has swapped out the 5-inch OLED panel for an LCD unit. We’ll have to wait and see how good that looks compared to the original unit.The new PS Vita arrives on October 10 in Japan, but other regions don’t have a release date at time of writing. It also looks like there will be six color options available from day one.last_img