Kickstarter Launched to Wipe the Rat From the End of The Departed

first_imgStay on target Kickstarter is a truly amazing thing. We’ve seen some extremely innovative products and wonderful creative projects launched there. There are also plenty of Kickstarters that are awesome because of their absurdity.There was that whole potato salad thing, which raised more than $55,000 and got more looks than the original Oculus Rift and Reading Rainbow Kickstarters.Now there’s a guy who wants $4,000 to digitally erase the painfully obvious symbolic rat from the end of Martin Scorsese’s The Departed.The Departed was a good movie with a very bad ending. Here’s my explanation of the problem.— Erase the rat in The Departed (@RatErase) February 19, 2019The project is clearly not something that creator Adam Sacks just hastily threw together. He’s carefully laid out the entire process and crunched the numbers to arrive at his funding goal.Sacks will start by buying a copy of The Departed on Blu-Ray, as well as a Blu-Ray player to play it on. He’ll also need to purchase Blu-Ray ripping software.Once he’s got a digital file that can be worked with, Sacks will hand it off to visual effects artist Ed Mundy for the actual editing. He plans to pay Mundy $599 for his assistance, because $600 is the point at which you have to file tax forms with the IRS and he doesn’t need that hassle.Once Mundy has done his thing, Sacks will pay to have a film print made — just like Scorsese’s original. Then it’ll be converted back to digital. $57.69 for a month of Adobe CC access will let Sacks splice in the rat-free closing scene.Erasing the rat from the end of The Departed is a simple 9 step process.— Erase the rat in The Departed (@RatErase) February 19, 2019Another $38.31 will go toward blank Blu-Ray discs that will be used to burn the finished product. $2.71 will cover a black Sharpie to “properly label” the discs (what’s more proper on a burned disc than Sharpie?).A pledge of $70 will get you The Departed minus rat. Well, technically it gets you a sealed copy of the Blu-Ray which Sacks will helpfully throw away for you and replace with the expurgated version.Assuming Sacks gets the $4,000 he’s after and the studio’s legal team doesn’t fire off a c & d, this is definitely a thing that could happen.More on Reasons ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ Is the Best Spider-Man Movie EverJason Momoa Joins Cast of ‘Dune’ RebootThe ‘Captain Marvel’ Website Is a Throwback to ’90s Design Keto Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Car KeysCovert Dock for Nintendo Switch Fits in Your Pocket last_img