HTC Facebook phone rumored for late 2012 launch

first_imgThat $50 Facebook phone you could pay for with Facebook credit never happened, but according to sources in Asia the social networking juggernaut hasn’t given up hopes of releasing their very own device. DigiTimes’ usual supply chain insiders say that HTC will build the phone — and that it could launch before the end of this year.Does Facebook really want to build a first-party smartphone? Probably not, but there’s always a chance that going public will have the company exploring additional sources of revenue. While generating profits from hardware sales isn’t always an easy thing, locking users into the Facebook ecosystem and increasing ad displays could certainly bolster their revenues.However, given that HTC already independently built two Facebook phones — the ChaCha and Salsa — what might be more likely is that HTC is building a new Facebook phone of their own and that this time around it’s not going to suck. With around 150MB RAM available to applications, the ChaCha had difficulty running HTC Sense and the Facebook app simultaneously. HTC has since taken a good, hard look at their approach to smartphones and decided that it’s best to build a few awesome devices rather than throwing every design imaginable at consumers and hoping everyone can find something they like.A new HTC phone officially sanctioned by Facebook wouldn’t be a shocker, and it’s certainly a niche the company could capture and generate a good number of sales. Despite lingering privacy concerns, Facebook’s popularity isn’t shrinking and there are plenty of people out there who would be interested in a quality phone — at the right price — with that blue icon pasted on it.More at DigiTimeslast_img