Cara Johnstons Safety Message Has Impact

first_img An hour with Cara Johnston could save a life. One of Canada’s most sought-after motivational speakers, Ms.Johnston, 27, will be delivering her vital safety message tostudents in 10 schools across Nova Scotia. Her speaking tourbegan today, May 6, with stops at Oxford Regional High Schoolthis morning and South Colchester Academy in Brookfield at 1:45p.m. Ms. Johnston’s message is personal and powerful. She watched hertwin sister die in a high-speed car crash the day after their18th birthday. That tragedy could have been prevented. Today, Ms.Johnston’s willingness to share her story helps educate youngpeople about the choices they can make about driving, drugs, peerpressure and other life situations. Melissa MacAulay is student council vice-president at J.L. Ilsleyhigh school in Spryfield and a Grade 12 student who was impressedby Ms. Johnston’s story last year. “Cara talked about how important it is to make smart choices likealways wearing a seatbelt and not getting into a car with areckless or drinking driver. She spoke to us on our level and shedidn’t hold anything back. Her story is very touching. BringKleenex,” Melissa advised. Young drivers between 16 and 19 years of age are more than twiceas likely to be involved in a fatal collision and injured thanthe average driver in Nova Scotia. “When Cara Johnston speaks, people listen,” said Ron Russell,Minister of Transportation and Public Works. “Her ability toreach young drivers makes her a life-saving messenger for safedriving.” This is the fourth year that Ms. Johnston, a native of Richmond,B.C., has brought her message to Nova Scotia teens. Her visit is sponsored by the Department of Transportation andPublic Works, the road safety advisory committee, Highway 104Western Alignment Corporation and Delphi-MRC. TRANSPORTATION/PUBLIC WORKS–Cara Johnston’s Safety Message HasImpactlast_img